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Once you decide to become part of the increasing and exciting world of technology, business, crook justice, fitness science, or culinary, selecting the college to first-rate meet your needs and goals is sincerely one of your most necessary decisions. ECPI University is familiar with the aspirations of human beings who choose a direct route toward their careers goals. Choosing a college is an extremely important decision, and it’s one that should be based on facts. As they say in sports, “You are what your record says you are.” On that count, ECPI University certainly rates among the best. 

At ECPI University, our supportive faculty and staff are dedicated to your success from the moment you arrive on campus. Our tradition of hands-on, student-centered education is an effective way to build skills, and our flexible, accelerated programs are designed to accommodate your schedule. From student support services to employer partnerships, ECPI University is committed to our students’ success.

ECPI University aims to be your best value in higher education. We make college both affordable and predictable. Our fast-paced schedule means shorter time to graduation . . . time is money! Our fixed tuition pledge allows you to complete your program without experiencing any increases in tuition. Plus, with the personal support we provide, our students often graduate on time, something few colleges can claim.

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    5555 Greenwich Rd., Virginia Beach, VA, USA.
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United States of America
For any international student, the USA has a lot to offer: one of the most prestigious, top ranked higher education systems in the world, eclectic cities and beautiful natural parks, culture, history and a very multicultural population.