Sweet Briar College

Here on Sweet Briar College’s 3,250-acre campus in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we reveal and amplify everything that makes you amazing, and help you own it in ways you never thought possible — on the athletic field, in the riding arena, in the workplace and while studying abroad.

You’ll be surrounded by a family of faculty, coaches and friends who will push you, excite you, and energize you: to take what you learn into the world and take the lead.

With an average class size of eight students, you’ll lead research, ask questions and forge supportive relationships with faculty that can last for decades. You’ll graduate from Sweet Briar career-ready and life-ready: you’ll know who you are and what you do best.

Sweet Briar College prepares women (and at the graduate level, men as well) to be productive, responsible members of a world community. It focuses on personal and professional achievement through a customized educational program that combines the liberal arts, preparation for careers, and individual development. The faculty and staff guide students to become active learners, to reason clearly, to speak and write persuasively, and to lead with integrity. They do so by creating an educational environment that is both intense and supportive and where learning occurs in many different venues, including the classroom, the community, and the world.


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