Vish International School

The Vesuvio International School (VISH) is an International Institute that welcomes students from abroad and Italy to create a mixture of cultures, training and professionalization, with a view to providing an opportunity for academic growth for the student.

The VISH teaching staff consists of excellent academic figures; economists, experts, journalists, chefs and sommeliers. All courses are entirely taught in English and include both theoretical lessons and practical exercises. We offer a range of academic courses and MBA degree programs in Hospitality and Travel/Tourism.

The VISH institute has as its main objective the advanced training of international and national students, through multiple study plans. The mission we propose is to ensure a high level of preparation, with our commitment and maximum availability.

VISH, together with a wide and articulated academic offer, takes care of its students during the entire period of stay, guaranteeing them the full support for all the educational needs, accompanying them step by step towards the achievement of a preparation always in line with the demands of the market.

General Details
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    Via Porzio 4, Centro Direzionale Isola A7, Scala C, Piano &, 80143 Napoli NA, Italy
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In typical Mediterranean style, Italy welcomes International students and visitors with open arms.