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Shariful Islam Khan


Founder and Chief Executive Officer




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Shariful Khan, a proud alumnus of the University of Canberra, has been leading the team at TPNL since February 2000. An avid learner and an enthusiastic counselor, Shariful is the preface of what TPNL is all about. He runs the agency with the objectives as specific as they can be - to provide authentic and professional  advising services to the students and families, to assist them in every step of their transition from their home country to their country of study destination, and above all, to contribute positively towards the government's aim to become a developed and prosperous country by 2041.

Shariful loves traveling and he encourages the students to travel the world as much as they can. He believes that traveling and meeting new people from other countries enrich us so much that we become a better human being with more tolerance, respect, and understanding.

Shariful has overseen TPNL since its inception and built a team of professional and dedicated counselors whose only aim is to serve the students well. Shariful completed almost every qualification that is on offer in the industry as well as successfully led TPNL to be certified by the American International Recruitment Council-AIRC. 

TPNL is the ONLY agency from Bangladesh to be certified by AIRC!