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Monash - Australia’s most innovative university by Reuters

As Australia continues to deliver on its innovation agenda, Monash University has achieved top spot as Australia’s most innovative university in the Reuters Top 75: Asia’s Most

Innovative Universities, climbing from second place in 2016.

The Reuters Top 75: Asia’s Most Innovative Universities is a list that identifies and ranks the universities doing the most to advance science and invent new technologies. In the 2017/2018 QS World University Rankings, Monash was placed Top 60th in the world. Monash has also been consistently ranked #1 in Chemistry, engineering and technology and pharmacy and pharmaceutical science in Australia.  Check our popular Bachelor and Master courses in:

Urban Planning and Design

Engineering and IT

Actuarial Studies, Business and


Education and Teaching

Environment and sustainability

Medicine and Pharmacy

Other STEM disciplines 

An example of how to deliver innovative solutions to critical global infrastructure problems is the creation of Monash Infrastructure (MI) which brings together Monash’s strong

connections with industry and government to address real world high impact needs. One of the many projects supported by MI is the export of green water technologies to

Southeast Asia. Researchers from Monash Infrastructure are developing and tailoring innovative solutions such as bio filters and rain gardens to solve problems including urban

flooding, water pollution and water shortages.

Melbourne Water has already installed over 10,000 rain gardens based on Monash designs, and the technology is also being exported to drought-prone Israel. 

Did you also know? 

Monash University has 10 faculties and Monash College offering a huge range of courses from pathways to Ph.D degrees. Monash Business School is one of the largest schools in Australia and the world and offers more courses, more majors and more units than most other universities. Monash offers programs with a combination of curricular and co-curricular education.

We equip our students with a passion for their discipline but also with the experience and confidence to operate in international environments. We teach them to work

independently and to develop critical and analytical thinking, skills crucial for future leaders. Our goal is to create graduates who look beyond their discipline to understand the world's problems and to find innovative solutions. Visit:

Monash College – Your excellent pathway to Monash University 

For more than 20 years Monash College has been offering many of our most outstanding students a pathway into Monash University. Studying at Monash College is a fast tract, most effective and enjoyable pathway to prepare for Monash life, providing you with skills, support and friendships that you will draw upon throughout your careers. You will enjoy the innovative, vibrant, national award winning Clayton Campus.

Visit: $79.56M Green Chemical Futures Building at Monash Clayton Campus

Foundation year

The Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) offers courses that lead to the 1st year in one of Monash 10 faculties. MUFY is accepted by all Australian universities for entry to first year.


Monash is the only Go8 University offering international and domestic students courses leading to the second year at Monash University. You'll study the same subjects as first year university students and your classes will be held on campus. The only difference is the class sizes are smaller, and you'll get more support in learning how to study in Australia.

Supporting you along the way

"The learning style at Monash College is different to what you're used to. I'll help you with essays, referencing, oral presentations, report writing and group work skills. I also organise academic writing and exam preparation workshops. I want to make sure you improve your marks and that you have a great learning experience!" Rachel Chamberlain, Learning Skills Adviser. Scholarships More than 200 types of scholarships are offered every year from full tuition fee scholarships to one off grants. 


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