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Diploma in Business Management

Our Business Management Certificate program instructors are experienced educators who have worked in senior managerial positions in banking, international trade, retailing, and manufacturing. The business management courses are current, practical, and geared toward application in the “real world” to help students enter and succeed in the workforce.

Diploma in International Trade

At Arbutus College, our International Trade Certificate program gives students the relevant skills and experience to enter this exciting industry. We offer practical courses geared towards real-world knowledge. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to read, write, and comprehend trade documents, as well as to carry out appropriate trade procedures and operations.

Diploma in Hospitality Management

Our Hospitality Management program takes graduates beyond basic training. Students learn from experts in this field to understand the complex needs of hotel patrons, with an emphasis on resolving problems and elevating the overall travel accommodation experience.

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