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Diploma in Sales and Marketing

In this day and age, the field of Sales and Marketing has such huge prospects in career. Ashton’s Diploma in Sales and Marketing is designed in the exact way so that it ensures that the students get quality education and that their conceptual bases are build strong. That way, students learn more practically and are able to do very well in their careers. Furthermore, the program here at Ashton includes courses from Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) knowledge base for certification. This ensures that the students get the upper hand for a more professional level leaving that enables them to excel in their careers.

Human Resources Management Diploma

: Managing people and more importantly being able to get the right people for the job is one of the most important aspects of any business today. That is why Ashton College tries to ensure that their Human Resources Management Diploma program caters to the needs of today’s international students. The program has been accredited by Chartered Professionals in Human Resources BC & YK. Hence, this program not only ensures quality level practical learning to build a strong prospectus for students but also paves the way to professional learning and certification, making the education that much more vital and fruitful. Ashton provides this course along with the best of modern facilities including online webinars for international students to ensure quality education.

Diploma in International Business Management

One of the greatest challenges that international students face today is having to meet demands of maintaining businesses on a global level. Globalization has made international business management that much important and complicated. Which is why Ashton provides practical learning opportunities through their Diploma in International Business Management program. The program is certified by Forum for International Trade Training (FITT). This way graduates can apply to transfer their credits directly to FITT and complete the required assessment(s) in order to receive FITT Diploma in International Trade.

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