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Tourism Management skills are designed to accommodate the unique requirements of the tourism industry, combining key enterprise disciplines and tourism first-class practice. Graduates will be able to apply their understanding in a number management-track positions in the tourism sector


If you wish to collect a managerial function in the fast-growing hospitality region each in New Zealand and overseas, the BHM provides a stable foundation in the key functions of management, advertising and economics. Both your theoretical and realistic capabilities will be honed considering the fact that you get to partake in work placements as well as build you hospitality business acumen via the courses of the BHM. There's also a chance to flex your academic lookup muscles via selecting between a Hospitality Management Research Project or Applied Hospitality Management Project.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Want to become a respected leader in the Business Industry? MBA is the powerful qualification to earn if you want to be the respected leader. Students can gain the knowledge required for accurate and powerful executive decision making based a practical programme of theoretical, applied and research. we offer four MBA specializations - tailored to your future career ambitions. This includes International Business, Finance, Marketing and Operations/Logistics.

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