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B.S. in Applied Health Science

The Applied Health Science degree at BGSU gives students a firm foundation in basic and health-related sciences. In addition, the diversified curriculum provides a basic understanding of human diseases, health administration, aging and wellness. The curriculum is flexible, and students are able to choose from various health content areas those courses of most interest to them. The degree provides ample opportunity for students to meet the admission requirements for graduate studies in physical therapy, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, occupational therapy, physician assistant and public health. The degree also provides students with a comprehensive overview of the health care delivery system allowing them to enter the job market upon graduation in areas such as health education, pharmaceutical and medical equipment sales and health information services.

Masters in Business Administration

The Master of Business program is an AACSB accredited program that allows candidates to complete their degree in 12 months, while networking with business professionals in a nationally renowned program. Each August a cohort of 40 students or fewer are admitted and start their MBA journey. The cohort model encourages networking and team building. Students are also offered the opportunity to engage with the local business community through corporate visits and discussions with local professionals. The College of Business supports students to reach their fullest potential through learning, discovery, and service. CBA graduates gain extensive business knowledge through classroom and experiential learning. The college emphasizes interactive educational experience and the ability to communicate clearly and to identify and solve problems critically, creatively, and ethically

Nursing Program

Bowling Green State University is pleased to offer two exciting pathways for students to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (BSN). Students may choose to apply to the long-standing BGSU/University of Toledo Nursing Consortium Program or they may apply to the recently established BGSU/Mercy College of Ohio Dual Degree (BG EDGE) Program established in 2016. Students in the Consortium Program complete their pre-nursing classes on the BGSU campus and the nursing classes on the UT campus, earning a BSN from Bowling Green State University. Students in the BG EDGE program transfer to Mercy College their junior year to complete the Nursing degree. After completion of the program, the students’ credits are then transferred back to BGSU, allowing students to earn both a BSN from Mercy College and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Health Sciences from BGSU.

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