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Master of Science (Environmental & Life Sciences)

The Master of Science (Environmental & Life Sciences) degree is a graduate level degree provided at Brandon University that concentrates on providing the students training in the application of life and environmental science technologies. The program is designed to harness technical skill in applied and theoretical research, project design and reporting to the students as well as integrate the ability to apply knowledge and techniques across a suite of disciplines to selected areas of interest within the environmental and life sciences.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts is a studio-based, professional honors program provided to four-year majors and minors. The program critically delves into fine arts and aesthetics including Painting, Ceramics, Aboriginal Art, Drawing etc. There is also a major available is Digital Media and Design which is in collaboration with Assiniboine Community College. Other minors include Art History, Visual Culture, Painting, Ceramics, Aboriginal Art and Drawing etc. The various diversified courses allow the students an abundance of choices to pursue and choose their coveted path. All the courses in various fields are designed to allow the students practical learning with the best of modern facilities and studio time under the tutelage of experienced mentors.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration programs at Brandon University aims to prepare students for their prospective careers in business administration, management, and entrepreneurship, all very highly appraised in the corporate world today. The courses in this program are designed so sophistically that the students get to learn in a practical manner, which is essential to build their conceptual backgrounds for future career, and critical thinking is fostered in the students to ensure that they stay ahead of the competition at all times. The BBA program is designed in a holistic manner to ensure that the students get a comprehensive learning experience and go on to branch out in more concentrated areas of business and management.

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