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Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice

The Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice is a program consisting of 45 weeks of instruction / 81 weeks with Co-Op, developed by professional Canadian nurses who are experts in the nursing certification process. It covers various aspects of nursing such as physical examination, pharmacology, maternal, newborn, & pediatrics while gives an in-depth experience about professional communication and professional practice. The program guarantees Co-op job placements in Canada.

Adventure Tourism Business Diploma

Canadian Tourism College specializes in their Adventure Tourism Business Diploma including 775 hours of instruction and training spanning over 29 weeks. The program covers training basic skills for safety and survival situations, navigating, leadership skills to conduct adventure trips, foundational knowledge preparing students for the Class 4 license examination, commercial license, navigating the ocean safely with kayaking skills in maneuvering, equipment, self and group rescue, group management, advanced kayaking techniques, and much more with a practical view to create adventure specialists with extempore capabilities. Students with a knack for this kind of a career would be able to find exactly what they are looking for through this program.

Flight Attendant Diploma

In this age of globalization, air travel is becoming more and more popular, rendering flight attendant services highly demanded and sought after careers. Canadian Tourism College is here to provide the opportunity to harness the coveted skills and specialties in a student to go on to have a successful career as a flight attendant. Their diploma program includes 240 hours of instruction spanned over 12 weeks focusing on various aspects of the field. Qualified and experienced trainers are there to provide practical learning opportunities to create world-class flight attendants.

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