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Digital Cinematography

The art of film making and cinematography has transformed over the years to the current highly specialized and complicated fine art. In order to create modern cinematographers equipped with not only the knowledge and understanding of modern filming technology but also modern concepts of cinematography, Canadore College’s Digital Cinematography programs acts as a 3 year-long advanced diploma.

Advanced Diploma in Aviation Technology – Aircraft Maintenance and Structures

Canadore College’s Advanced Diploma in Aviation Technology program specialized in Aircraft Maintenance and Structures is a highly detailed and practical program for students interested in this field of study. The curriculum is set in a way to provide theoretical and practical training on fixed and rotary wing aircraft, learning to troubleshoot vital aircraft components and systems including the engine, hydraulics and landing gear. Furthermore, intensive structures training in the third year includes: damage inspection and evaluation, manufacturing and repair techniques, and advanced fitting and assembly procedures. The practical learning modules help the students to build a strong conceptual base and understanding of the subject matter.

Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communications

In today’s day and age, any and every business relies heavily on marketing and sales. Hence, career prospects in these fields have sky-rocketed over the past decades. With new media and new possibilities, advertising and marketing communications are becoming that much more complicated and out of the ordinary. With that in mind, the Canadore College provides this fast-track program that specializes highly in marketing communications and advertising. The curriculum is perfectly prepared to cater to the 21st century needs in this field of study.

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