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Canisius College offers a unique master’s degree program in anthrozoology for students who are passionate about studying humanity’s relationships with other animal species. Throughout the program you will explore human-nonhuman interactions in a variety of contexts including the extraordinary relationships that exist between people and companion animals; humans’ interactions with and attitudes toward wildlife; the roles of zoos and sanctuaries; policies and laws that permit instrumental and industrialized uses of nonhuman animals; and a wide range of environmental and conservation issues. The curriculum includes a large variety of courses that provide a broad knowledge of anthrozoological issues while enabling you to specialize in areas that will be relevant to their ongoing studies or career.


The Biology Department seeks to engage and challenge students through personalized educational experiences that prepare graduates for success in any biology-related career. Department courses emphasize active faculty-student mentorship through small class size and hands-on scientific practice in the lab and field. Faculty members provide a broad coverage of expertise that offers students a solid foundation in core biological principles/skills. The program's diverse research interests give students the vital benefit of research opportunities that address significant biological questions. The department offers a special Biology with Distinction degree for any biology majors interested in pursuing post-graduate education.


The AIS program reinforces accounting concepts with state of the art technology that expands students’ career opportunities. Membership in SAP University enables the college to use SAP software for instructional purposes. SAP is the worldwide leader in enterprise resource planning software solutions. You will use the SAP software throughout the AIS program to build skills that are in demand in the marketplace. Students have the flexibility to dual major in accounting by taking only a few additional courses. Students will use their AIS knowledge to supplement their accounting skills and improve opportunities to land a professional position. Internships enable students to acquire paid work experience, while in school and during the summer.

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