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Bachelor of Legal Studies (Paralegal)

The Bachelor of Legal Studies is a new training option for paralegals provided at the Capilano University. It was approved by the Minister of Advanced Education and has been available since September 2010. It is the only paralegal degree in Western Canada and just the second such degree in all of Canada. Thus, it is a very specialized program. The degree option is open to high school graduates, unlike other Paralegal Diploma and Certificate options which require additional post-secondary training and work experience.

International Management Graduate Diploma

The International Management Graduate Diploma allows students to build Identity Capital, enhance their academic credentials and create new career opportunities. Students are able to acquire highly sought after credentials, international business/management skills essential to become competitive in today’s economy. At the end of this one-year program students not only grow academically as a leader and individual but also gain comprehensive understanding of how to do business internationally, more confidence, an increased ability to manage change, an enhanced understanding of cultural differences and the adaptability and problem solving skills needed to operate in a fast-moving, international environment.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a highly coveted field of study all over the world. The way businesses have developed over the years, they require special knowledge and skills from administrators. Capilano University’s BBA degree is thus designed in a specific way to provide students with business and management skills necessary to become effective leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in today's competitive economy. The degree offers both practical management education and a breadth of complementary academic subjects. Students can focus on any of the following pathways: Accounting, Financial Planning, Human Resources Management, Marketing, International Business and Logistics.

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