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Master of Business Administration

This is the longest-running evening MBA program in Central Ohio. The experience of the teaching staff helps Capital cater to the working professional like no other program can. Here, students will learn from a community of experienced professors who are focused on helping them acquire skills that are immediately applicable to their career — master a concept in class and use it the next day at work. Capital is respected by businesses throughout Ohio because of this approach. A Capital MBA is both rigorous and relevant.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Capital University's environmental science degree program provides a unique educational opportunity that combines the diversity and critical thinking skills of a liberal arts education with a solid foundation in the basic sciences. The science faculty's broad expertise and passion — for the discipline, for teaching and for student success — give them the personal attention and necessary breadth to understand and solve complex environmental problems. At Capital, the program is tailored to prepare them for the step in their path, whether that's acquiring more scientific specialization through a master’s or doctoral degree, or direct entrance into an environmental career.

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in International Studies is part of the major in history for traditional undergraduate students at Capital. Capital offers a variety of programs for students who wish to pursue the field of history, including the standard history major and the history major and education through the social studies licensure program. The courses and faculty expertise include American history, Civil War, Constitutional history, 1960s and Vietnam history, African-American, Native American and women’s history, European history, ancient and medieval history, Renaissance and Reformation, English history, Russian history, and international course offerings of the histories of Africa, Middle East, Latin America, China and Japan.

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