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The Dental Technician diploma program at CDI College provides students with a unique learning opportunity in the fascinating and prospective field of dentistry. Through a series of lectures, group activities, and hands-on projects, students gain a fundamental understanding of conventional dental technician practices. Students also learn about related research and practice involving state of the art computer-aided design and manufacturing of dental ceramics, dental implants, attachments, and milling techniques. Students enrolled in the Dental Technician program also participate in practicum placements where they have the opportunity to work in a dental laboratory under the guidance of professional dental technicians.


In today’s competitive economy, business is a very dynamic career. In order to keep up to changes and cope up with them in the business world, professionals need the fundamental skills and knowledge to adapt to the latest developments. The Business Management program at CDI takes a comprehensive approach to business management and administration, while providing students with the tools necessary for a rewarding career through practical learning alongside modern facilities and experience.


Business Administration is a highly coveted field of study all over the world. The way businesses have developed over the years, they require special knowledge and skills from administrators. The Business Administration Diploma degree is thus designed in a specific way to provide students with business and management skills necessary to become effective leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in today's competitive economy. The program teaches students the accounting, computer, and project management skills they need to excel in any office environment. The courses include Professional Skills, Marketing, Business Essentials, and Effective Business Writing.

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