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Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Central Michigan University prepares graduate students for leadership positions in today's global economy. The program features an active student learning environment with a curriculum that meets the needs of both part-time and full-time students from all over the world. Students are often awarded scholarships in the form of graduate assistantships. As a GA, students are expected to assist faculty members in their research and teaching. All GAs receive the instate tuition rate for graduate students.

Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education

Community health education is for the service-minded students with a passion for teaching and health. Central’s program will prepare students for a career in many different governmental, nonprofit or community-based organizations, private health agencies, and hospitals. After graduating, students will be ready to educate the public, promote wellness throughout the community, assess, plan and implement programs, and organize community events to address health issues.

Bachelor of Arts in History

Understanding the political, cultural, social and economic life of past civilizations enhances the understanding of the present. By pursuing a major or minor in history, students will develop critical thinking, problem solving, research, writing and analytical skills useful in a range of careers. Students can spend time in study abroad opportunities in countries such as Great Britain, Germany and The Netherlands. They will also be prepared, if they choose, for graduate study in history, law and business administration.

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