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Dental Assistant Diploma

A dental assistant performs several functions in a dental office, but the primary duty is to assist the dentist during chair-side procedures. Other duties include taking and processing x-rays, preparing dental instruments for patient treatment, sterilizing and disinfecting instruments, and instructing patients on oral hygiene and care. Laboratory duties an assistant may do include making temporary crowns, dentures, bridges, or other products, while office functions consist of scheduling appointments, receiving patients, processing payments and bills, and ordering supplies.

Associate of Occupational Science Degree in Medical Assisting

Medical Assisting careers can open the doors to working alongside doctors and nurses in many health care settings. Some people focus their training on the clinical side of the business so they can have a more direct hands-on approach with patients. Others focus on the office management side of the business, where management, administration, and technological skills allow them to excel. Wherever one decides to focus, completing the medical assisting training can give a student the opportunity to work in a doctor’s office, hospital, long-term care facility, or other health care facility helping people in their community. Before graduating, they take the American Medical Tech (AMT) Exam. Once passed, they earn the RMA Credential and are a Registered Medical Assistant. This is a 14 month program.

Massage Therapy Diploma Program

Massage Therapy training will provide students with the physical, technical, and academic skills to begin a career in the expanding field of massage therapy. They will receive extensive training in massage and bodywork assessment, theory, and application, enabling them to perform a wide range of massage techniques in relaxation, pain management, and injury recovery. When they complete the program, they will be prepared to take the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) exam or the National Examination for State Licensing (NESL). Then, they may choose to become a private practitioner opening their own massage therapy business, work in a salon or spa, or even travel the globe working in resorts or on a cruise ship. If they prefer clinical applications, work with a chiropractor or in a health club.

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