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Master of Business Administration

Chaminade University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program has been a Hawai’i leader for 30 years. From the beginning, the program has emphasized values-driven, graduate management education. The curriculum provides knowledge of how successful organizations conduct business and the skills needed to manage people, projects, and systems. The graduates are recognized both for their professional accomplishments and significant civic and community contributions. The MBA program offers three concentrations: Accounting, Island Business and Not-for-Profit Management. Students who do not elect to pursue a concentration will graduate with a general MBA degree.

Bachelor’s in Criminology and Criminal Justice

This well-respected program is the largest and most established criminal justice program in Hawai`i. The program is designed to prepare the undergraduate student for entry into a number of career positions in administration, criminal justice, criminology, law enforcement, and public safety, including positions at the federal, state and local level. Having the largest and oldest criminal justice program in Hawai`i has helped to establish Chaminade University of Honolulu as a well-respected and trusted source for an education in criminal justice. The undergraduate curriculum is based on direct correspondence with the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Course offerings include interactive crime scene investigation and comprehensive law courses. Internships through various agencies allow students to gain firsthand knowledge in the criminal justice area.

Bachelor’s in Elementary Education

The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with K-6 Licensure follows the traditional 15-week semester offered under Chaminade’s Undergraduate Program except for the student teaching semester where start and end dates of the special semester are the same as the start and end dates of the public school teacher. Upon completion of the Elementary Education degree program, graduates are licensed to teach Kindergarten through 6th grade. Chaminade follows licensure guidelines set by the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board. Chaminade graduates are qualified to teach in most states upon completion of the program. All Chaminade University education licensure programs are approved by the Hawai’i Teachers Standards Board.

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