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MS in Environmental Science

This program explores the knowledge, technical skills and background in ecological and environmental conservation theory. Biology, biochemistry or chemistry majors can complete the master’s degree program during a fifth year of study at Christopher Newport. The program is flexible enough to fit a wide variety of interests and is designed for students planning to pursue a PhD, teachers who seek a master’s degree in a biological science or students interested in careers with environmental agencies.

History, BA

The study of history helps us understand our place in time and to see ourselves as citizens of the world. It embodies the true spirit of the liberal arts, bridging the humanities, social sciences, and natural and behavioral sciences. This interdisciplinary nature makes history enriching to all majors and disciplines. History engages students directly with the experiences of people in the past, and in so doing, also helps to illuminate our present experience. Historians

Art history, BFA

The art history program provides a strong basis in the history of world arts. Students take in-depth courses in the history and development of art and visual culture. Courses and other opportunities such as internships and independent studies allow you to learn and conduct sound research, present your work in both oral and written format, and establish a foundation for future graduate work or career development.

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