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Accountancy (M.S)

The curriculum provides a foundation for acquiring important knowledge and leadership skills required for success in the accountancy profession. You’ll choose one of three tracks – financial/auditing, taxation and a generalist track – and you’ll learn to evaluate critically, think broadly and make ethical business choices. The summer study abroad program provides a unique international experience.

Bachelors in Accounting

Our faculty maintain close working relationships with businesses throughout the southeast, meaning students experience active recruitment for internships and jobs. Our curriculum includes financial accounting, managerial accounting, taxation, accounting information systems, auditing as well as management, marketing and finance.

Bachelors in History

History offers a unique perspective on the human condition, past and present. When you study with inspiring professors from extraordinary backgrounds you end up with an appreciation of the global past – including its cultures, politics and societies – that will prepare you to engage the present, and ultimately to shape the future. And Charleston is a unique setting for the study of history.

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