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Information Systems Assurance Management

The Master of Information Systems Assurance Management is a graduate level degree provided under the Graduate Programs by the Faculty of Management. In today’s day and age the implications of information technology is prevalent and imperative. The need for information systems and security professionals is growing along with increasing reliance of businesses and governments on the technology. The demand for information systems security and assurance professionals shows no end in sight. This graduate program follows the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) model curriculum and provides first-hand experience in conducting risk based information systems audits and in communicating the results to the enterprise. The entire curriculum is designed to put students in practical scenarios for in-depth knowledge and understanding, teaching them to manage such critical situations.

Political Economy

Political Economy is an undergraduate degree provided under the Bachelor of Arts Program by the Faculty of Arts. The Political Economy degree develops the students with the skills necessary to understand and analyze the major domestic and international challenges facing Canada and the political world today. The curriculum will provide an understanding of key concepts in the disciplines of both political science and economics as well as the role of markets and governments in Canadian and global society. As a capstone seminar student, degree candidates will confront the major, real world policy problems facing Canada, analyze them and look for solutions to them thus getting a practical experience based learning in the process.

Accounting Emphasis

The Accounting Emphasis is an undergraduate degree that is provided under the Bachelor of Management Program by the Faculty of Management. Even though traditional accounting principles have remained constant, business practices related to accounting have been defined and refined over the last few decades. Modern software-based accounting systems have allowed for greater efficiencies while easing the workload on people by outsourcing work to the machines. In this system of accounting, a business graduate of this field needs to have a more managerial role to oversee entire operations. This program is designed to provide hand-on practical knowledge and experience to build such leaders.

About Concordia University of Edmonton

Concordia University of Edmonton is a university that has been granting its own undergraduate and graduate degrees, along with graduate certificates and diplomas, since 1987. Established in 1921, Concordia offers both three- and four-year undergraduate degrees in Arts, Science, and Management, along with (After) Degrees in Education and Environmental Health, as well as Masters’ Degrees in Information Systems Assurance and Management, and Biblical and Christian Studies.