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MA in Criminal Justice

With a degree in criminal justice you will combine the critical thinking skills drawn from a liberal arts education with specific knowledge and skills important to employers. Through the Curry curriculum, you will gain knowledge about crime, criminology, and the administration of justice and the various organizations created to address these real world problems.

Biology (BA)

The Biology BA degree offers students more flexibility, with a broader and more well-balanced coverage of Biology. It allows students to customize their degree to their specific interests and career goals. Students with this degree will be well prepared for many careers and fields of graduate work; this includes, for example, environmental/sustainability, education, and writing in the sciences.

Bachelor’s in Accounting

Accounting - the measurement, processing, and communication of financial information - is a growing field. Curry College's degree program is designed to provide a strong foundation for an Accounting career, including preparation for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam and courses such as forensic accounting and international accounting. The Greater Boston area provides many potential opportunities for meaningful internships and for career options after graduation. Provide students with an in-depth knowledge of Accounting practices. Give students the opportunity to analyze and discuss real-world Accounting challenges.

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