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Master of Environmental Design Studies

The Master of Environmental Design Studies is a 2-year degree program that includes both course work and a thesis. Most students usually finish within 24 months. If the thesis work extends beyond the end of the second year, students can register as a continuing or thesis-only student. The minimum requirement to complete the program is seven half-credits and a thesis. Depending on the student’s background, a faculty advisor or supervisor may suggest class work beyond the minimum load. The program gives students the opportunity to create and share knowledge that will generate positive change in the world. Students can choose a pressing issue related to resources, environment or human well-being and the environment, and focus research and a thesis around their discoveries. The program’s balance of courses and peer interaction allows students to explore a broad range of issues.

Masters in Philosophy

The Masters is Philosophy is a 2-year-long graduate level program provided by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Dalhousie. This Department’s graduate programs are very small and selective. Typically eight to ten MA students are enrolled for education. Hence the teaching is very concentrated and significantly applied. Graduate students receive individual attention, and courses of study can be developed to suit individual interests. The atmosphere is extremely friendly, stimulating and supportive. There is a great deal of faculty/student interaction, not only in classes and weekly colloquia but also informally.

Applied Computer Science

The Applied Computer Science program is an undergraduate level program designed to provide students the up-to-date knowledge and skills to be a leader in helping organizations achieve more through the application of computing technology. The courses are designed to teach students to combine a deep understanding of technology with problem solving, project management, communications and management skills. The program consists of wide range of courses in computer science and management taught by world-renowned and award-winning faculty. Students will be able to master the software development and management skills needed to bridge the gap between business and IT.

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