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M.S. in Kinesiology

This degree will prepare students to apply their studies to the design of wellness, fitness, and health promotion programs in various settings of professional interest: education, corporate, and commercial. The program also includes scientific study in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and the biophysics of human movement. ( Tution fee is given in per credit amount )

M.A. in Teaching

The program is focused on improving expertise in content areas, effective teaching strategies, and enhancing the delivery of instruction to students. The goal of the M.A.T. program is to equip educators to become servant leaders within the school setting. The graduate program will focus on developing teachers who will be skilled in leadership, curriculum design, and advanced instructional strategies. ( Tution Fee is given in per credit amount )

M.A. in Management

A Master of Arts in Management from Dallas Baptist University prepares current and future managers to effectively lead global organizations to success. We develop leadership for the business environment through a complete set of managerial skills. Graduates will develop great interpersonal skills and be skilled problem solvers and effective change agents. Tutiton fee is given in Per credit amount.

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