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To position yourself as a leader in human resource management, you need the credentials to prove that you have the distinct HR competencies companies are looking for. Our Master of Human Resource Management degree program can help prepare you to provide strategic staffing vision across multiple disciplines, and help you be able to assess and respond to your company's business goals so your people are available, capable and effective. We are continually evolving our curriculum to ensure that the Master's in Human Resource Management program is aligned with the current HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates of the Society for Human Resource Management.

Bachelor’s in Network & Communications Management

Today, businesses and individuals demand connectivity 24/7. Communication, information and even entertainment are delivered through networks that need to be highly accessible and highly secure. A bachelor's degree from DeVry University’s Network & Communications Management program can prepare you with the knowledge and skills needed in this profession. Our degree program can expose you to the next-generation of network tools and prepare you to connect people via VoIP, video, smart phones and more.


If you're looking for the opportunity to play an important role in some of today’s most dynamic industries, a bachelor's degree in accounting could help you do just that. From the private sector, to government institutions, to not-for-profit organizations, DeVry University’s Bachelor's in Accounting program is designed to help you learn about the financial tools, tax codes and U.S. laws and technology applications needed to address modern business challenges in a variety of environments. As an accounting degree holder you can consider a wide range of professional paths including financial accounting, budget analysis, internal auditing and forensic accounting.

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