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This post-baccalaureate diploma consisting of 60 credits’ worth of courses over the span of 2 years is offered by the faculty of Commerce & Business Administration at Douglas College. This program is designed to ensure that students practically learn the conceptual skills and knowledge regarding information systems from the business perspective. All learnings are from the practical standpoint. Thus upon completion, students get a complete knowledge and thorough practical experience in this field to have a concentrated understanding and prosper well in their career.


With the growing globalization of various businesses all throughout the world, a comprehensive skillset for international banking and business can go a long way for any international student. To cater to these needs, the department of Economics at Douglas College provide this concentration which is available for any Bachelor's degree student at Douglas College. Successful completion of this concentration requires 12 credits where a minimum of six (6) credits of upper level (3000 and 4000) coursework is required. Students who have already taken and received credits for the required and elective course(s) in their Bachelor's degree program can also apply the course(s) towards the requirements for the Concentration.

Bachelor of Business Administraiton

The Accounting focused BBA program at Douglas is designed to prepare students for prospective careers in Canada’s growing financial industry. This program’s applied curriculum and work-experience component provides graduates with the necessary skills to secure intermediate-level accounting positions in financial reporting, taxation, management accounting and auditing. For students who want to continue in their studies, the BBA in Accounting satisfies the entrance requirements of the Chartered Professional Accountant’s (CPA) Professional Education Program (PEP). Thus it is a brilliant gateway to the professional career.

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