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MA in History and Culture

The History and Culture graduate program specializes in cultural and intellectual history, with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary work. While its geographic focus remains European and American, the course of study emphasizes the production and dissemination of knowledge in global contexts. Students are trained to consider a range of intellectual and cultural problems of pressing contemporary relevance from multiple disciplinary perspectives.

Bachelor’s in Chemistry

Drew’s chemistry majors share a love of science and apply their passion to many different areas: from biochemistry and medicines to the environment and synthesizing new materials. They use Drew’s state-of-the-art labs to study chemistry, and all students conduct research mentored by a faculty member or RISE Fellow. With our curriculum approved by the American Chemical Society, Drew’s graduates have great success in research, medicine, teaching and industry.

Bachelor’s in Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of humankind in cross-cultural and evolutionary perspectives. Anthropologists emphasize fieldwork as a means to investigate cultural diversity and human biology in our species—past, present, and future. Our major fulfills its mission by equipping the student with an integrated view of the discipline and providing biological, archaeological, linguistic, and cultural emphases with attention to laboratory and on-site field methods. The goal of the anthropology student is thus to construct a broader, more inclusive, and insightful view of humans/humanity in context.

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