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MSc Accounting

This programme will also develop the skills and competencies required to undertake independent research in the areas of accounting and related areas. This is a one year full time programme designed for accounting graduates wishing to pursue a career as professional Chartered Accountant. The MSc in Accounting is designed to build participants’ expertise in the areas of accounting, finance, taxation, ethics and case studies

BSc Marketing

Marketing is the lifeblood of every organization, big or small. From identifying opportunities and generating insights to developing those products and services to meet the needs of customers and communicating value inside and outside the organization, the marketing function is crucial in today’s global economy. Marketing is fun also. The programme creates graduates with the knowledge, skills and competencies essential to function as high-calibre contemporary marketing professionals, both nationally and internationally. This Degree programme provides attractive career opportunities in the expanding marketing profession. In addition to roles in General Marketing Management, there is a range of opportunities in areas such as Brand Management, International Marketing, Advertising, Market Research, Digital Marketing, marketing Promotion, Sales Management and Services Marketing.

BSc Accounting & Finance

This programme provides an ideal route to a career in professional accountancy and to a training contract with an accounting practice. Graduates may also pursue careers in areas such as fund management, financial services, financial analysis, corporate finance and money markets. This Honours Degree programme is appropriate to those who wish to pursue careers as professionally qualified accountants. Average annual salary ranging will be around $30,00- $50,000 in the beginning

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