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MS in Supply Chain Management

This survey course provides an overview of business processes that comprise SCM. The course will introduce the scope, role and strategies of forecasting, aggregate planning, materials planning, supply management, operations, transportation, distribution, and customer service for services and goods as appropriate.

Bachelor’s in International Business

An international business degree from our program prepares you for managerial careers in the global marketplace. Anticipating the demands of the discipline, our international business program teaches you not simply how to conduct business, but also how to conduct business with an understanding of world markets and political and cultural sensitivity.

Bachelor’s in Accounting

The practice of accounting is among the greatest operational assets of business. Accounting isn't just about money; it also involves data analysis, strategic thinking and forecasting. Today's accounting major learns that ethical practice is integral to a company's reputation management. Whether it's in big business or small business, non-profit or government, accounting is a core operation, and well-trained students are sought after.

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