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Associate in Applied Science Criminal Justice

Few careers are as rewarding as those found in Criminal Justice. The nature of and responses to crime are important social phenomena that affect all of our lives. Working together; law enforcement, courts, correctional agencies, and private organizations aid in the prevention and control of crime. Up for the challenge?

Associate in Business (Accounting) - DTA university transfer degree

The courses within the Associate in Business - DTA university transfer degree Acrobat PDF Reader Icon program are the same as those offered to students who complete their first 90 credits at a university. The program is designed for those interested in earning an accounting, finance, business administration, marketing, or management Bachelor's degree through a university business school. This degree also satisfies general undergraduate requirements for transfer into an economics Bachelor's degree program whether offered through a university, school of arts and sciences or a business school.

BA in Advanced Manufacturing Tech – Composites

The Composites program is a hands-on, in-depth overview of the processes involved in the development and production of composite products. Skills include tooling, fabrication, machining, assembly, quality assurance, repair, lay-up, vacuum bagging, and cure processing of wet laminating. The program is designed to prepare students to fabricate, assemble, and repair composite materials on aircraft.

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