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Information Security Management

Protecting the private and personal information of industries and people is not only a vital and important career, it's also never been more in demand. The 30-week Information Security Management program will give students future prospective careers in this highly in-demand field of work. The program is available 100% online or in a traditional in-class format (full-time or part-time). Students will learn to manage both the operational and strategic aspects of information security in a very practical perspective. Through the program students will develop the skills to identify how a business is vulnerable, and how to best safeguard their information. They will also learn detailed practical aspects of security such as risk analysis, vulnerability testing, writing security policies, implementing access controls, and performing security audits.

Electrical Engineering Technician

The advancements in machinery and related technology is changing lives everywhere in the most dynamic way. The design, maintenance and function of newly developed machines rely on skilled professionals. Professionals who are expertly trained to meet the demands of the current economic demands. The 60-week Electromechanical Engineering Technician program at Fanshawe will provide the skills to students for their prospective careers. The program covers electrical and mechanical principles, which will allow students to analyze, modify, maintain and repair electromechanical systems. Students will also learn project management skills, and the ins and outs of mechanical prints, tolerances, and the mechanical nuances of a system, along with Automation, Robotics and controls. The courses are especially designed to cater to the range of skills needed for success in the modern economy.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The 60-week Business – Logistics and Supply Chain Management program at Fanshawe develops students to join private or public sectors in the demanding field of procurement. Through this program, students learn to analyze crucial data using computer software, while nurturing their negotiation skills and figuring out everyday problems related to supply chain management. The program covers business theories and puts them into practice. The courses examines material sourcing, transportation methods, inventory, retail management, and analytical techniques. This program is also recognized by the National Accreditation Program administered by the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council.

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