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Bachelors of Science in Geoscience

You'll explore our planet through both theory and field experience, use mapping, technology and historical data to build conceptual models. You will learn how these models can help you estimate where mineral, water and other natural resources are located beneath the earth's surface. We will also teach you how to extract these resources in a sustainable way. You will also gain experience in identifying and mitigating natural hazards. This course provides specialist training for those who wish to pursue professional careers in mineral and oil exploration, extractive industries, environmental science, or hydro-geology. Future career opportunities includes - Exploration geologist, Geoscience data manager, Geologist etc

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronic Systems

Working with aircraft, industrial automation, transport or telecommunication systems excites you, and you have a mind for mechanics, electronics and computing engineering; this is the ideal degree for you

Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance

The program is designed to give you the skills to be a leader in commerce and business with a specialization in law. It focuses on the hard-edged courses needed for professional accreditation with the major professional bodies as well as providing a well defined career path for professionals in the world of commerce. Grow wealth, manage investments and give financial advice. With our degree, you can work in banking, insurance, investments, stockbroking, corporate finance and more.

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