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Bachelor’s in Sociology

Sociology BA provides you with a useful background for some specific jobs. ... Students who pursue graduate training in sociology and related fields can also expect to find employment in fields such as teaching, research, planning, social work, and public policy.

Bachelor’s in Philosophy

The philosophy program at Ferrum College offers a course of study leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. Philosophy is a discipline that explores the fundamental concerns of human life, such as the structure of human existence, the existence of God, the ultimate nature of reality, the possibility of human knowledge, the role of reason, the essence of truth, the foundations of moral and aesthetic judgments, the meaning of life, and the challenge of death.

BA- History

Because of the complementary academic backgrounds of our faculty, we are able to offer a diverse selection of history courses drawn from major regions of the world over varying time periods. We use our expertise in those areas to foster critical thinking and an understanding of the historical development of different cultures, which are essential skills for both work in history and informed citizenship.

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