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M.S. in Accounting

Accounting has long since claimed its rightful place at the management table. Gone are the days of closed-door, head-down, paper-pushing number nerds. The modern-day accounting professional possesses a fierce command of both the technical and non-technical aspects of accounting. Franklin’s M.S. in Accounting degree program can help transform your leadership and career. Our program equips you to think critically about big-picture accounting systems and processes, communicate more effectively, and leverage technology in new and innovative ways.


The hallmark of every great business is great leadership. And great leadership is demonstrated by people who can keep up with or set trends, identify and resolve pressing problems, develop smart, adaptive solutions, and make decisions that lead to improved performance and profitability. With Franklin's transfer-friendly, degree completion Applied Management program, you’ll gain the theoretical foundation and practical know-how to move into management or start your own business.


Whoever said accounting is "boring" doesn't know the field -- or the critical importance of fiscal accountability in business. Today, accounting is one of the most exciting and dynamic career fields, thanks to global opportunities, ever-changing regulatory requirements and complex business acquisitions. Both private industry and the government need well-prepared accounting professionals. Let Franklin University's transfer-friendly online or onsite B.S. Accounting degree program help you become someone who speaks the language of business.

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