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Geneva school of diplomacy & international relations

Geneva school of diplomacy & international relations


he Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations is a small, exclusive university institute in the very heart of international diplomacy: Geneva, Switzerland. Attracting students from all over the world, GSD is committed to offering the highest level of education to a small number of qualified students. We offer Academic Degree Programmes from the Bachelor, Master, Executive and Doctorate level and Diplomatic Skills trainings specialized in International Relations and Diplomacy. GSD programmes are a unique combination of conceptual courses in diplomacy and international relations and applied internships within the diplomatic community or an international organization to prepare students for their future careers. 

We aim at making the academic journey towards graduation a learning experience of exceptional stimulation, elegance and unforgettable intellectual and social encounters. Our focus is to offer our students the full panoply of abilities needed by professionals in the fields of government, politics, law, economics, journalism, international business and humanitarian work.

Why choose us?

The Geneva School of Diplomacy is a small, private university specialized in the teaching of International Relations & Diplomacy. We are located in the very heart of the diplomatic world.  Our connections with surrounding international organisations, missions and NGO’s, the small, interactive classes with highly distinguished faculty members and the many lectures hosted by high profile guest speakers, give our students the ability to create a network that can be life lasting and life changing. GSD graduates will possess academic, vocational and practical diplomatic skills needed to enter their professional field of preference.

The main reasons people choose to study at GSD:

  • Located in the heart of the most diplomatic neighbourhood in the world
  • Highly distinguished faculty & small, interactive classes
  • Internship & Networking possibilities
  • Theory & praxis-oriented curriculum







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Château de Penthes, Chemin de l'Impératrice 18, 1292 Pregny, Switzerland


Some of the popular programs offered by Geneva school of diplomacy & international relations