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Financial Planning Program

The George Brown College Financial Planning graduate certificate is a graduate level program that provides students with the knowledge and skills to work in the field of financial services. The program is specially designed to provide specialized knowledge and practical skill experiences that help students develop themselves for the prospective careers in this field. Through this program students learn to make financial investment decisions from the principles of financial planning, determine the funds needed upon retirement, and the use of powers of attorney in estate planning, managing personal income tax liability and the rules associated with net income, taxable income, stock options, capital property and income splitting, fundamentals of insurance types and the appropriate insurance strategies in the context of risk management.

Honours Bachelor of Technology

The Honors Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management) program provides a dynamic curriculum that integrates theory, applied research, field study and hands-on practical education. The curriculum combines studies in construction science and technology with studies in business and management methods as applied to construction, recognizing that today’s successful construction manager must possess both technical and managerial competencies. Students obtain the knowledge and skills to manage the functions and processes of construction projects from start to finish. They master construction-related technical disciplines and soft skills that are critical to completing projects on time and within budget. Graduates of this program earn the academic designation of Honors Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management).

Honors Bachelor of Commerce

The Honors Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Services) is a four-year business degree provided at GBC that was developed with eminent employers to create graduates who can thrive in today's financial services industry. After the first year of studies, students can choose from either the Accounting or Financial Planning specialization to further their higher education in the prospective fields. Students seeking a career as a professional accountant or a financial planner, can acquire the coveted skills and practical experiences required to thrive at the job sector through this program.

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