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Master of Arts in Art History

George Mason University’s master’s degree in art history provides thoughtful training in a broad range of art-historical professions, including in museums, arts education, galleries, and auction houses. Students also prepare for graduate studies at the PhD level. Our students particularly benefit from the programs working relationship with the internationally renowned Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, and through collaboration students gain digital skills that give them an edge in the job market.

Bachelor of Science in Earth Science

This degree covers the Earth Sciences in the broadest sense, including geology, oceanography, atmospheric science, and their effect on the environment. Students specialize within this broad framework by choosing one of several concentrations offered by the program.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

BS in Computer Science provides students with essential background for studying the design and implementation of computer systems software, computer architecture, and computer software applications for science and business. The program emphasizes both computer systems fundamentals and computer software applications. Required areas of study include data structures, analysis of algorithms, low-level programming, computer architecture and language translation, ethics and law for the computing professional, and software design and development. Evolving software technologies are a major concern.

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