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Master of Professional Accountancy

The cohort program is designed for students with non-accounting degrees—marketing, economics, law, journalism and more—to quickly earn a master of professional accountancy, prepare for the CPA exam, and move forward with a new career.

BA in Anthropology

Anthropology, the study of humans, provides students with a perspective on the nature of humankind over time and in different environments. It is concerned with humans as biological beings (biological anthropology), with prehistory and cultural evolution (archaeology), and with how humans order their worlds socially and culturally (social/cultural anthropology), as well as with the nature of human language (linguistic anthropology). The Department of Anthropology offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology. Undergraduate majors are encouraged to take a wide range of courses in archaeology, biological anthropology, and cultural anthropology.

Actuarial Science (B.B.A)

Actuaries have been called financial architects and social mathematicians because of their unique blend of analytical and business skills in the insurance and financial services industry, as consultants in firms that specialize in employee benefits and pensions, in the government sector, and in a variety of other roles.

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