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Human Resources Management

This program is designed to create today's human resource professionals who will become leaders and managers of change. They will learn to respond to the challenges triggered by new trends in technology, increasing government involvement in the employer-employee relationship, workplace diversity and globalization. The future belongs to organizations with the human resource expertise that can lower labor costs, improve productivity, increase responsiveness to customers’ needs, and build employee commitment. With the year-long (2 semesters) course, students will gain hands on practical experience on these sought after skills.

Information Systems Security

This program is a 1-year-long (3 semesters) program that prepares students for careers involving the development, evaluation, and support of IT security solutions. Building on previous educational experience, students learn to create cost effective and secure computing environments. Graduates are able to categorize, design, implement, and integrate technical and managerial safeguards to ensure the security of networked computer systems. An emphasis is placed on interpersonal, organizational, technical, communication, and problem-solving skills applied to enhance the effective implementation of security in a business environment.

Electrical Engineering Technology Advanced Diploma

This degree-diploma combination is offered by both Lakehead University and Georgian College. Upon completion, students will receive both a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) Degree from Lakehead University and an Electrical Engineering Technology Advanced Diploma from Georgian College. Offered at Georgian’s Barrie Campus, students can complete both the degree and diploma in four years. This program will provide students with a solid foundation across all areas of electrical engineering - gaining valuable theoretical knowledge, practical engineering and applied technology skills. Specific course offerings focus on subfields such as digital and analog micro-electronics, power electronics, communication systems, computer networks, power systems and electrical machinery. Graduates are well equipped for future specialization and a wide range of career opportunities.

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