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In today’s day and age learning the proper usage and communication methods in the global language, English is essential for anyone looking for a prospective career in any field. The Global Village English Centers in their various locations provide General English learning programs for students starting from beginner to advanced level learning. There are variants to the program with options of 20/25/30 lessons per week. The minimum enrollment age is 16 years. Experienced instructors take the utmost care in small sized classes to provide personal attention to the students and nurture their English language and communication skills.


In the modern business setting, communication is everything. Proper communication is what makes prospective business boost. Any individual looking to work in a business or start managing one on their own needs proper communication skills to do good at it. With English being the global standard in communication medium, learning the proper usage of English in a business perspective is very imperative. The English of Business program has options for 25/30 lessons per week variants. The lessons are taught by teachers with years of experience in business setting. Alongside English lessons, students are taught proper business communication that helps in achieving business goals and prospering in career.

IELTS Exam Preparation

IELTS is one of the most widely used assessment tools in higher education across the world. For international students securing a good IELTS score can make or break the opportunity of a very prospective career. At any of the Global Village English Centers, students can enroll into the IELTS Exam Preparation program. The program has options for 25/30 lessons per week variants. The lessons are taught by experienced IELTS Exam instructors that provide close guidance and attention in teaching students. These lessons come with interactive lesson materials and online lesson aids to help students learn English the proper and fun way.

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