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This training program is available in Montreal over a span of 15.5 months (25 hours/week) including 12 weeks of internship. Individuals trained in microcomputer and networking systems provide problem solving services to network users. They are typically responsible for maintaining, troubleshooting and administering the use of local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) mainframe networks, computer workstations, and connections to the internet. This program provides instruction and training on how to install, configure and maintain microcomputers, operating systems as well as cloud technology. Areas of study include technical support, Linux operating systems, network operating systems, managing an enterprise network, Microsoft based systems, and cloud environments.


Senior Kindergarten and grades 2,5,6 are covered by the Junior School at Havergal. The Junior School is a nurturing, welcoming environment where children are actively engaged in learning. The beautiful sun-filled school and facilities at Havergal are designed with purpose and children in mind. The Junior School program is continually evolving to nurture and support young girls at every age and stage of their development.


At Hergal, the Boarding School facilities are provided in grades 9 to 12. Havergal College’s Boarding School provides unique experiences filled with opportunities for students to learn, grow and make friends that last a lifetime. Boarding life at Havergal is full of cultural richness and diversity. Students form international connections with other boarders, day girls and exchange students. Havergal will quickly become a second home-warm, supportive and fun! Boarders will be fully engaged in the student body. Boarders and day students get to know one another during orientation and through their shared school days, and by participating in school events, weekly assemblies, teams, clubs and other school activities.

GRADES 8, 10 & 11

The 8th grade is covered by the middle school, while the 10th and 11th grades are covered by the senior school. The Middle School provides girls with the security of Homeforms and the room to grow within the broader Upper School. The program celebrates the emerging independent spirit of the adolescent girl. The Senior School prepares girls to envision a future where anything can be achieved. Through an increasingly expansive and diverse academic offering, each girl can pursue her interests and discover her passion. As students progress through the Senior School, each girl has increasing choice and flexibility in the design of her program with the constant element being academic rigor.

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