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Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT)

There is currently a national taskforce examining whether the professional degree required to enter the profession of athletic training should be elevated to the Master’s degree. In fact, the profession’s accrediting body the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education has indicated that “compelling evidence indicates that better outcomes are being achieved at the master’s level” (CAATE Accreditation Conference October 18, 2014). As a dynamic and forward-thinking institution High Point University is on the leading edge of this trend in preparing healthcare professionals.

Bachelor’s in Biology

Within the context of the liberal arts environment, High Point University’s Biology Department provides students with curricular options that range from the generalized to the specialized, and that prepare them for a wide variety of post-baccalaureate goals (e.g., careers in field ecology or biomedical research; advanced studies in the life sciences; professional programs in the health sciences, such as medical school). Within our curricula, special emphasis is placed on science as a process, supported by a conceptual understanding of basic biological principles. To this end, hands-on, experiential learning opportunities are abundant, both within classrooms and teaching laboratories and through original research. As a result, our curricula foster within students not only the knowledge base, but also the critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills that prepare them for success in their future careers and for leadership roles within society.

Bachelors in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry at HPU believes that new knowledge in the chemical sciences is only generated in the laboratory through research. Top programs of undergraduate education in chemistry utilize undergraduate research as the vehicle for the preparation of chemistry majors who not only attend highly competitive graduate and professional programs, but also are sought by these programs. The expectation is that the majority of graduates with this degree will attend graduate school in the chemical sciences or closely-aligned fields.

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