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Screenwriting & Film Studies m.a. & m.f.a.

Our summer Screenwriting and Film Studies M.F.A. and M.A. programs offer an experience unlike anything on the East Coast. We’ll challenge your expectations and help you prepare for a career in writing for film, television, and digital media. Small classes with personalized instruction drive growth in our students and foster deep, long term relationships. You’ll work with a program director who’s an accomplished writer in L.A. and professors who have worked in the industry, and learn directly from experienced professionals with a long and impressive list of credentials.

Bachelor’s in Biology

To understand biology means to understand life. And as a biology major at Hollins, you won’t just memorize facts — you’ll live them. We provide students with the opportunities to learn in the lab and in field research, leaving no stone unturned. You’ll have access to several professional-grade resources and technologies.

Bachelor’s in Art History

Art history degree students study works of art in their social, political, and intellectual contexts. They learn to think, read, and write about art and interpret visual imagery. Students progress through chronological survey courses into upper-level seminars and research projects. The art history major culminates in the senior seminar, which includes the public presentation of research.

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