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Master of Conflict Management & Resolution

This is a innovative James Cook University (JCU) Masters degree that gives you a world-class learning experience with substantial practical, skills-based learning you can implement immediately. You'll work on real-life case studies and real conflicts, and the course is directly applicable to your professional and personal life. It's definitely for you if you manage or work in a setting where conflict is likely to occur - or if your dream is to build a rewarding career in conflict resolution. This Masters degree offers you the opportunity to advance your career, improve or start your own business, or gain the qualifications to begin a new career in conflict management and resolution. It is a 1.5 year long program. 31 January for commencement in teaching period 1 (semester 1)

Bachelor of Business & Environmental Science

It is a 3 year long program. With JCU's Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science you'll learn how to manage the delicate balance between profit, policy and conservation. You'll develop skills that allow you to integrate and apply theoretical and technical knowledge of business and environmental science, and apply in-depth knowledge of sustainability principles in tropical contexts. Graduates can work as environmental advisers to businesses, advisers on the use of natural resources, academics, and consultants. Salary ranging in Job sectors can be - AU$69,277 - AU$130,990

Bachelor of Arts in Criminology

If you have an interest in the criminal justice system, why people are motivated to commit crime and what strategies are effective to rehabilitate offenders, JCU’s Bachelor of Arts majoring in Criminology can lead to a range of interesting careers where you can make a difference Our graduates pursue careers with a variety of organisations including: 1 .police services 2. correctional services department 3. correctional facilities 4. juvenile justice organisations 5. justice departments 6. community departments and organisations at local, state or federal level, or with private agencies

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