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MS Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical Sciences are a broad field of study containing biochemistry, zoology, anatomy, genetics, physiology, pathology, botany, chemistry and biology. Within the Masters programme it is common to concentrate on one specific area, like basic research, pre-clinical developments or translational research (i. e. the transfer of results of research into clinical applications).

Bachelors in Accounting

The accounting program at Thomas Jefferson University prepares you to become a professional with a broad understanding of public accounting and financial management of corporate and nonprofit organizations. You will have the opportunity to network with accounting industry professionals from day one, participate in industry-sponsored projects, complete an exciting semester abroad, or help to run our Student Managed Investment Fund.

Bachelors in Biology

Become a biologist through hands-on practice, with the flexibility to gain field experience studying abroad anywhere in the world. Customize your education to best suit your interests, whatever they may be. You will learn how to inquire, research, hypothesize, experiment and analyze until the scientific method becomes second-nature. You will never be expected to simply memorize facts from a textbook – you will have to create your own experiments to evaluate scientific phenomena for yourself.

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