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Master of Fine Arts in: Communication Design

Kutztown University's College of Visual and Performing Arts is pleased to offer the first and only Master of Fine Arts in Communication Design (Graphic, Interactive, Advertising and Illustration) within the PASSHE system. This terminal degree is designed for students who wish to become engaged with an artistic and collaborative community of creative thinkers.

Bachelor of Arts in: Anthropology

Anthropology is the academic discipline that studies humans through an interdisciplinary lens. It combines science with humanities, biology with culture, history with prehistory and primates with language. By focusing on the complex linkages among four subfields -physical anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, and cultural anthropology - emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork, we prepare students for graduate study and for careers in social services, international affairs, cultural events, museums, public service and private business.

BS in Business Administration Accounting

Accounting, often called the language of business, teaches the principles and methods by which organizations maintain their record-keeping systems. Additionally, this business-rooted area of study explores the cause and effect relationship that various financial events have on every part of that organization; and how accounting information impacts the day-to-day management decisions of every business. Students who shine in the classroom at KU have vital internship opportunities that provide real-world experience in the accounting profession.

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