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Diploma of IT

The Diploma of Information Technology provides a broad introduction to computing, after which you will progress to a more specialised area during your degree such as computer networking, information systems, software development and web development.

Diploma of Business

Start to build the knowledge and skills necessary for your career in a wide range of areas within the business sector. The diploma provides an introduction to a range of business disciplines prior to choosing the business area in which you will specialise once you move to La Trobe University. You will study the big issues affecting all businesses globally, trade barriers, sustainability and the environment, as well as begin to gain the skills to design and evaluate innovative solutions for the future.

Diploma of Bioscience

A Diploma of Bioscience provides an introduction to biology, chemistry and ecology, and will set you on a path to gain the knowledge to help solve global issues. You will learn about the structure, functions and interactions of living organisms, and begin to discuss some big issues such as climate change, the protection of endangered animals and cancer treatment. Duration of the course is Two or three trimesters

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