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Master of Science in Medical Education

Co-delivered by Lancaster Medical School and CETAD, this course is designed to meet the GMC’s Strategy that all those involved in the development and education of doctors should be competent in principles of medical education. Students will be able to develop and consolidate their knowledge and understanding of core principles of medical education, enhance their skills as a medical educator, and evidence their competence in line with the Academy of Medical Educator’s learning domains. The MSc includes development in specialist aspects of medical education through modules and a work-based medical education project. Students may also make a claim (APL) to gain credits for exemption from some modules.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Students will be able to discover the global challenges facing the environment through a series of fascinating topics that are brought to life out in the field and in dedicated state-of-the-art laboratories. This flexible programme draws from a wide range of scientific disciplines to build a degree that matches students’ interests and career aspirations. Covering both natural and man-made environments, the programme will explore the main factors and processes that control today’s environment; how the environment has evolved to its current state; and how environmental conditions may change in the future. Throughout the degree, students will be taught by internationally-renowned academics, and will have access to the state-of-the-art laboratories, which offer excellent facilities for practical work.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Economics

Studying the combined degree of Accounting and Economics gives students the opportunity to learn in two of the country’s leading departments. They will gain an understanding of Economics while taking an Accountancy course that is accredited by all the major British accountancy bodies and provides exemptions from some core professional examinations. Students will study the core elements of Economics as well as the key areas in Accounting and Finance, such as analysis and the preparation of information for reporting requirements. They will begin their degree with modules including an Introduction to Accounting and Finance, and the Principles of Economics. In the second year students will study subjects such as the Principles of Financial Accounting; Accounting Information Systems, and Auditing and the Principles of Finance. In the third year they will chose from modules such as Corporate Finance, Bond Markets and Investments.

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