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Computer Programming program

Computer programmers are people who like to create. Writing software can almost feel like doing magic—you can create something amazing out of nothing. The applications you can create are almost endless; you can make apps that benefit society, promote good health, entertain, educate, facilitate business, advance science, and more!

Music Program

Lane's Music, Dance and Theatre Arts Department offers a complete range of lower-division (freshman and sophomore) courses in music—everything needed by students intending to transfer to a four-year college or university and major in music, and by students intending to meet their needs entirely at Lane, with or without a degree.

Culinary Arts Career Pathways Certificate Program in Baking and Pastry

The Baking and Pastry, Less than One Year Certificate of Completion, provides essential and advanced baking and pastry theory and practical training necessary for success in the food service industry. Students will learn the art of creating tasty baked goods, pastries, and confections, from traditional bread baking to beautiful showpieces.

About Lane Community College

Non-academic activities may be scheduled by contacting the Student Life and Leadership Development Office. Events may include formation of clubs and organizations, political activities, meetings, information tables, films, sales for nonprofit groups, markets and other activities.